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金沙国际娱乐平台:Civil Aviation Spring Festival rapid growth theme fund net rebound

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内容摘要: During the Spring Festival, the total passenger traffic of civil aviation maintained a rapid growth. After the Spring Festival, the transpo...

During the Spring Festival, the total passenger traffic of civil aviation maintained a rapid growth. After the Spring Festival, the transport sector out of the wave move up market, which civil aviation airport stocks were among the most notable, Air China , Shanghai airport and other stocks rose more than 10%. Driven by the strength of the sector, the theme of Civil Aviation Airport fund net rebounded. Dongfang Wealth choice Data show that as of February 26, the recent week, 22 Civil Aviation Airport theme funds all recorded positive returns. With the upgrading of residents' travel and the increasing demand for tourism brought about by the upgrading of consumption and the slowdown in the supply of civil aviation resources, the civil aviation airport sector is favored by the agencies and its performance is sustained or super-market expected.

Ministry of Transport data

theme fund net rise shows that during the Spring Festival (February 15 --21 days), the national railways, roads, waterways, civil aviation passenger sent a total of 419 million passengers, up 2.7 percent over last year. Among them, the railway sent 57,080,000 passengers, an increase of 9.78%; the road sent 340,400,000 passengers, an increase of 1.27%; waterway sent 10,128,300 passengers, an increase of 1.97%; civil aviation sent 11,384,300 passengers, an increase of 15.98% Slow down, civil aviation railway to maintain rapid growth.

The transport sector also stepped up after the Spring Festival. From February 22nd to February 26th, the SW index surged 5.75%, ranking the top in the SW industry. Among them, the best performance is the civil aviation airport sub-sector, China Southern Airlines , Shanghai Airport and other civil airport shares rose more than 10% since the Spring Festival.

Civil Aviation Airport stocks led by the theme of Civil Aviation Airport net rebound after the Spring Festival. Oriental wealth choice data shows that as of February 26, the recent week, 22 CAAC theme funds all made positive returns. Take the passive operation of the fund strategy, Tianhong CSI All-Index Transport A revenue lead, the net increase of 3.62% in the recent week. Agricultural Bank of China theme rotation mix, Central Europe Yongyu hybrid A, Golden Eagle Reform dividend mixed fund among the top gainers, the net gains in the recent week were 3.46%, 3.44%, 3.42%. The blue-chip fund holdings, including , Air China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines , , , auspicious Spring Airlines and other aviation stock, before mixing the Golden Eagle bonus reform but there is a ten Awkwardness in four Civil Aviation Airport Unit.

Fund Overweight Transport Department

According to the insiders, on the supply side, the continuous improvement of resident's spending power is the most important driving force for the residents to travel in our country. Aviation has become the representative of typical consumption upgrade. At the same time, increasing demand for travel by residents and an increase in the number of outbound tourists will increase the utilization rate of existing airlines and optimistic about the market space in the transport sector, especially in civil aviation airports.

On the supply side, Huachuang Securities said that CAAC's total volume control structure, airspace and busy airport time limit, the proportion of wide-body machine to reduce the proportion of large airlines have passed the rapid development of the reasons for such areas To the supply side of the slowdown.

In addition, CAAC and NDRC released relevant documents to further promote the market-oriented reform of civil aviation passenger transport prices in the civil aviation industry. This will open up the airline's long-term profitability and the continuity of aviation sector performance or the expectation of the hypermarket.

In fact, raised funds have already begun to layout the relevant targets of Civil Aviation Airport. FY2017 FOUR Quarterly Bulletin Board shows that the proportion of public fund placement of transport sector rose 0.2% to 1.7%, of which the main Jiachang Airlines shares. Among the total of 106 components of the first-tier transportation industry in SW-SW, 25 were overweight in the fourth quarter of 2017, accounting for 23.58% of the total, ranking the first among the 28 SWS-class industries. From the increase in the number of shares, China Eastern Airlines , Air China, China Southern Airlines and other stocks in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Fund cumulative holdings of shares are more than 20 million shares.





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